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Hand Painting

Hand Painting – The Ceramist´s Talent

Hand-painted ceramics, the first thought that comes to mind is definitely something outdated, something that is not on the list to put on the shelf or be the source for your business.
Hand-painted fruit patterns using colour combinations with glossy finishes. This is the recipe that has been used for years in the ceramics market.
Today, after a period in which hand painting has completely disappeared and has been replaced by various glazed decorations – the technique is back in a more modernist form.


Handmade products gain more value

As a reaction to the oversaturation of mass-produced products, we are having the sensitivity of increased demand for handmade items with a more human touch: consumers understand the value of traditional and sustainable craftsmanship and techniques and recognize the talent of the potters behind them.

Decorations that remind us of our grandparents are replaced by more creative forms of hand-painted ceramics: abstract painting, where the results are unexpected; painting techniques where the strokes are the protagonists and the final touch of simple details made by hand by artisans.



Hand Painting Hand Painting

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