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About us

Ceramirupe is a Portuguese ceramic manufacturer that has, since its foundation in 1987, built its reputation on excellence and quality in the production of dinnerware and decorative items in stoneware.

Our team is the source of our company spirit and the reason behind Ceramirupe’s existence. Using a combination of the most advanced technologies and the experience of our ceramists, we assume a commitment of maximum effort and dedication. We carefully research and develop the best solutions and products for our collections so as to best meet ever changing market demands.

For us, each project is unique. Our passion for sophistication and love of detail are present from the moment of creation to the moment in which our products are produced and shipped all over the world.

We work with pure stoneware, which after being moulded, will give origin to unique items which are the fruit of our passion for ceramics.

We differ from others due to our specialist work with reactive glazes which, after fusing during high temperature firings, result in unique and surprising surface designs/patterns. These character filled finishes allow each one of our items to be one-of-a-kind.

Our collections are inspired by Nature. They’re developed with a contemporary design where we strive to ally function and aesthetics, following the latest trends so as to better serve our customers and capture new enthusiasts/admirers.

Integration of environmentally friendly practices is a daily routine at Ceramirupe during the whole of the production process be it via the efficient use of means and resources or by the reuse and reclaiming of water materials and energy. This is the sole manner in which we help to reduce our ecological footprint and guarantee a sustainable future.

We are earth, shaped by water and air, born from fire, dedication and work.

We are CERAMIRUPE your preferred choice.

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