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This is a special collection, different from all of its predecessors. This one was contrived in a year that forced us to relearn how to live and to change our “perspective” on so many things…

This year in which we should gain a new perspective on life, nature, the economy, relationships, behaviours, people and learn that the changes that have occurred can be either good or bad depending on our perspective.

All of our creations are inspired in Nature and developed with maximum focus on sustainability, be it in the factory during production or in their everyday use and practicality.

Our organic yet contemporary shapes are a perfect combination of aesthetics and function. Each shape is combined with highly technical reactive glazes, glazes that grant us the liberty of exploring different techniques and finish types.

We wanto do do more than only present our new collections. We also wanto to share with you our knowledge in ceramics and offer you the best we have to offer. The collections we are now presenting are new and are a way of seeing, representing and reliving the world we live in…

except this time, at the table!


Contact our sales team to find out more and schedule your visit … See you soon!